Smart Thinking For Times of Crisis

Successfully Lead Yourself, Your Team, and Your Organisation Through Crises, From a Former Cliff-Edge Crisis Negotiator

Who we are

We exist to equip and inspire leaders like you to influence their world. 

Ross Hardy, the founder of Discovery Hope, brings a unique skill set developed from 10 years leading BHCT, a cliff-edge crisis negotiation unit and the UK’s busiest search and rescue team, along with 25 years of leadership experience. 

Ross Hardy, Founder, Discovery Hope

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Our services

Some of the Services we Provide at Discovery Hope

Online Training

We provide easy to access online training to develop key leadership skills.
Our latest Course is titled Influential Leadership: Smart Thinking For Times of Crisis


We provide coaching for leaders who are looking to develop their leadership abilities, influence or people skills, and under Discovery Hope Life, life coaching to help you get unstuck, and find and pursue your passions and dreams


We provide interactive workshops to leadership teams and mastermind groups
Our latest workshop is Smart Thinking For Times of Crisis

Key Note

We provide Key Note talks on Smart Thinking in Times of Crisis, Leading Under Pressure and Emotional Intelligence

Our testimonials

"A very insightful workshop with practical application for our business."
Rosnah Hassell
Strategy and Operations Director, Hassell Inclusion
"This is a MUST DO workshop for any serious leadership team."
Chris Harding
Executive Coach and Business Growth Catalyst, Resonate

Why Focus Your Leadership Development on Emotional Intelligence?

We bring unique insights to leadership influence, working under pressure, leading in a crisis, and developing teams.

These categories have one thing in common, Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is central to influential and transformative leadership. 

Overall Influence of Emotional Intelligence On Job Success (Talentsmart Study)
Percentage of Top Performers Who Also Have High Emotional Intelligence (Talentsmart Study)
Percentage of Low Performers with High Emotional Intelligence (Talentsmart Study)
Can you increase Your Emotional Intelligence Through Learning?
Yes 100%

We can significantly develop EQ through learning. Which is important because EQ has a far greater influence on future success than IQ.

Our Values

Our passion is to Support, Equip, Inspire, and Influence Leaders To Influence The World Around Them


Our pursuit of freedom encompasses innovation, creativity, adventure, and passion. It is the pursuit of strategic vision, big impact, transforming ideas, and fullness of life. It is about inspiring you to full potential.


To us, authenticity is the pursuit of what is good. It encompasses humility, trust, and consistency in who we are. It is the pursuit of effective solutions for the benefit of your leadership and life influence.


Excellence impacts every aspect of our work. It is the pursuit of whole-hearted, high impact It is the discovery of the new and fresh along with embracing the best, and delivering it to you.

How Can We Help You?

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