About Discovery Hope

At Discovery Hope we are passionate about equipping you to impact your world.

Utilising our experience and the latest research, we equip leaders across all sectors in skills essential to create effective class-leading organisations in the 21st century.

Discovery Hope is a leadership consultancy. We are passionate about effective leadership. Effective leadership creates outstanding organisations.

Discovery Hope was founded by Ross Hardy, who wanted to help equip other leaders with the leadership skills learnt leading teams in pioneering, high pressure rapidly changing environments. Ross founded, developed and ran BHCT, a cliff-edge crisis negotiation team, which became the busiest search and rescue team in the UK, resulting in the rescue of 1000’s of lives. Ross has spent 20 years in leadership roles, learning how to develop and lead teams of people in unusual and tough environments.

What is true all the way through is what works in that environment, also works in our everyday environments and makes us effective leaders.

About Ross Hardy

I am passionate about leadership and its ability to positively influence others. I have been a student of leadership for much of my life and have spent over 20 years in leadership roles. For 10 of those years I founded and led a team of crisis negotiators which operated on the 500ft cliff tops at one of the most notorious suicide spots in the world. My time there along with my other leadership and coaching roles have taught me the highest value for emotional intelligence and its incredible influence towards our success and leadership influence. I am passionate to equip leaders like you to impact and influence your world.

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