Crisis Leadership: Smart Thinking For Times of Crisis

Successfully Lead Yourself, Your Team, and Your Organisation Through Crises, From a Former Cliff-Edge Crisis Negotiator

Udemy - April 2020

What You Will Learn:

  • You will learn how to lead yourself well to deescalate negative emotions and engage your smart thinking when in a crisis
  • Utilising crisis negotiation techniques, you will learn how to lead your team to deescalate their negative emotions and engage their smart thinking when under pressure
  • You will learn how to crisis proof and crisis prepare your organisation to make it stronger, more effective, and resilient
  • You will learn how to utilise these skills to develop the greatest contributor to leadership success, the five components of emotional intelligence.

Do you want to be the leader that you know you can be? Do you want to lead yourself well in times of crisis? Do you want to lead and develop your team even during challenging times? Do you want to crisis prepare and crisis-proof your project or organisation to thrive through a crisis? Do you want to lead so to combat fear in uncertain times? Do you want to create a culture and an organisation that flourishes even under pressure?

Smart Thinking For Times of Crisis—Influential Leadership has been called a MUST DO workshop for any serious leadership team. I created it to equip you with the tools and understanding I learnt from a decade of self, team, and organisational leadership in one of the most challenging and demanding environments there is, leading a world-class crisis negotiation team operating at the edge of a 500ft cliff at one of the worlds most notorious suicide spots.

Good crisis management requires effective self, team, and organisational leadership:

Self-leadership In Times of Crisis

Do you know that negative emotions can disrupt your ability to think smartly?

Smart thinking is essential for leaders, and for the teams they lead. In the self-leadership section, I will teach you to re-engage your smart thinking when under pressure. Essential for good leadership.

Team Leadership in Times of Crisis

This course also equips you to re-engage smart thinking in your team.

Imagine this, every time your team are under pressure, it impairs their smart thinking. Whether you are leading a small team, or an entire organisation, this course is for you. If you are leading two or more people, these skills will improve your leadership influence. Utilising Crisis Negotiation Techniques I will equip you with tools to re-engage smart thinking in your team, demonstrate empathy to support them effectively in challenging times, and help them to operate at their best when you need them to.

Organisational Leadership to Crisis Proof and Crisis Prepare

Following on from learning to reengage smart thinking in yourself and your team, this course will then equip you to use those tools to create a stronger and more resilient team, project, or organisation.

I will share with you a Crisis proofing model that I have used to help organisations navigate crises successfully. Using the tools for self and team leadership, your whole team will be better equipped to utilise the crisis proofing and crisis preparing model to successfully navigate the path ahead.

My name is Ross Hardy and I have spent over 20 years in leadership roles. I founded and led an internationally known and respected cliff-edge crisis negotiation team, which has rescued 1000s of people to date.

This course contains many of the skills I learnt and applied to lead myself, a team, and an organisation in such a high-pressure environment, to become the most successful team of its type in the UK.

I now apply my passion as a leadership consultant and coach, to help leaders better influence their world.

What People Are Saying About Smart Thinking For Times of Crisis – Influential Leadership:

The execution of this course was great, easy to follow and extremely informative. Clearly comes from a great deal of experience, which is invaluable. The way the tutor comes across is easy on the ear and easily leads you through the content, guiding you where necessary to help absorb the information as much as possible. This course is great and I highly recommend. (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Up to date information about stress and anxiety that can be used for the individual as well as for any group dynamic. The tutor told good stories and gave examples that made sense to me. The lectures were long enough to understand the points being made but not overly detailed. I enjoyed it and recommend this course! (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

The trustees and I found this course very valuable, informative and productive for our charity. It helped us to plan strategically and put plans and precautions in place for the future. We benefitted greatly and would highly recommend this course. (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

This Udemy course has developed from the contents of a live workshop I have run, quoted as being:

“a MUST DO workshop for any serious leadership team,”

“a very insightful workshop with practical application for our business,”

“Fantastic training that gives really unique and practical insight into how to lead well in times of crisis and equips you to try and prevent them from happening in the first place!”


“solution focussed, very process orientated, and empowering for me as a business leader in these very uncertain times.”

In the course you will learn:

  • How negative emotions disrupt the executive part of our brain responsible for planning, problem-solving, self-control, developing long-term goals, and the control of damaging short-sighted behaviour.

  • How to manage your self-awareness, self-regulation, and internal motivation under pressure.

  • How to lead yourself, by de-escalating negative emotions and reengaging your smart thinking.

  • How to use Crisis Negotiation Techniques to deescalate negative emotions and reengage smart thinking in your team.

  • How to develop your social skills, empathy, connection, and influence through empathic listening.

  • How to identify the three components of hope in a conversation.

  • How to help someone think differently without telling them what to think, using problem-solving using collaborative analysis.

  • How to utilise these personal and team leadership skills to develop a stronger and more resilient organisation.

  • The greatest threat to crisis proofing and crisis preparing an organisation.

  • How to reduce the potential for crises in your organisation by stress testing.

  • How to use crisis response plans to be more prepared if a crisis does happen.

  • To apply all these skills to develop the five abilities of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

I present the course directly to camera, along with helpful slides and takeaways. Activation exercises are used to help you learn each of the taught skills, and I finish each of the three main sections with coaching questions to help you apply the skills to yourself, team, and organisation.

Who It Is For:

  • Leaders of organisations, businesses, charities
  • Aspiring leaders
  • Anyone who manages two or more people
  • Entrepreneurs who are in the early stages or thinking of developing a start-up
  • Professionals who want to develop their emotional intelligence

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