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About Your Coaches

Ross Hardy


Ross has a  passion to personally equip and empower people to live in their unique purpose.

He has spent over 20 years in leadership where he has coached, trained, equipped, and mentored 100’s of people from many different walks of life.

Ross is a graduate of Kingdom Faith Bible School and Eastgate School of Spiritual Life, and is a certified professional life coach. He has previously led two churches, chaired two charities, and is currently part of the wider leadership team of an Apostolic Church in North Kent, UK. He has also worked with a number of Christian Agencies, including founding a Crisis Intervention and Search and Rescue Charity which has become a world leader in its sphere working within the emergency services sector.

Currently, alongside his life coaching practice, he is a member of the teaching staff on a school of spiritual life, and loves to preach and teach in churches around the UK. Ross is an apostle who operates with a strong emphasis on the prophetic.

Available for: 1 to 1 Life Coaching, 1 to 1 Spiritual Mentoring, Leadership Team Coaching, Christian Agency / Church Vision Development, Christian Agency / Church Culture Development

Nicola Hardy

Nicola has a passion for enabling people to live their best lives daily in their walk with God, in relational, family and work spheres. She has a rich experience in overcoming challenges and obstacles and specialises in coaching people to see their own potential and unique worth, moving past blocked goals that have held them back. 

She has wide experience in management, administrative, pastoral and social care. 

Available for: Nicola is not currently taking on new clients. If you would like to go on the waiting list for life coaching from Nicola please contact us. Nicola’s specialism is 1 to 1 life coaching.

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