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Welcome to Spiritual Mentoring at Discovery Hope

At Discovery Hope, we recognize the profound impact that spiritual well-being has on one’s overall life journey. Our Spiritual Mentoring services, rooted in a Christian perspective, are designed to guide individuals towards a deeper understanding of their Christian identity, fostering intimacy with God, and providing transformative insights that lead to a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Our Approach

Our approach to Spiritual Mentoring is centered on the core foundation of Jesus Himself. We believe in the power of aligning your life with the experiential awareness of Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit and biblical truth, to navigate challenges, discover your purpose, and cultivate a rich spiritual life.

Key Areas of Focus:

Christian Identity: Discovering who you are in Christ is a pivotal step toward a life of purpose and fulfillment. Through our mentoring, we help individuals explore and understand their unique Christian identity, unlocking the potential for a more meaningful existence.

Firm Foundation in Jesus: A solid foundation on Jesus Himself is crucial for spiritual resilience. We assist you in building a firm and experiential foundation based on Biblical truth.

Intimacy with God: Building a deep and personal relationship with God is at the core of spiritual growth. We provide guidance on developing intimacy with God, fostering a connection that sustains and nourishes the soul.

Hearing from God: Learning to hear the voice of God is a transformative skill. We provide tools and guidance to help you tune in to the voice of Holy Spirit that can illuminate your path and empower your decisions.

Awareness of God’s Presence: Cultivating an awareness of God’s presence in your daily life brings about a profound shift that everything else flows out of. We guide you in developing a keen awareness of His presence, creating an internal culture that attracts the glory of God.

Attracting the Glory of God: We believe in developing an internal environment that attracts the manifest glory of God. Through our mentoring, you’ll learn how to align your thoughts, actions, and beliefs to invite a greater awareness of the transformative presence of God into your life.

Breaking Through Barriers: Feeling stuck in life can be a common challenge. Our mentoring services offer practical strategies and prophetic insights to help you overcome obstacles, break through barriers, and move forward on your journey.

At Discovery Hope, our commitment is to accompany you on your spiritual journey, providing the support, guidance, and wisdom needed to navigate the complexities of life while rooted in Christian faith. Embrace the transformative power of spiritual mentoring, and let us embark on this journey together towards a more purposeful and spiritually enriching Christian life.

About your mentor Ross Hardy

Ross has a  passion to personally equip and empower people to live the full life Jesus died to give them.

He has spent over 20 years equipping Christians to live an empowered Jesus centred life. During that time he has trained, equipped, and mentored 100’s of people from many different walks of life, helping them draw deeper into a life fixed on Jesus and empowered by Holy Spirit.

Ross is a graduate of Kingdom Faith Bible School and Eastgate School of Spiritual Life. He has previously led two churches and is currently part of the wider leadership team of an Apostolic Church in North Kent, UK. He has also worked with a number of Christian Agencies, including founding a Crisis Intervention and Search and Rescue Charity which has become a world leader in its sphere working within the emergency services sector.

Currently, alongside his life coaching practice, he is a member of the teaching staff on a school of spiritual life, and loves to preach and teach in churches around the UK. Ross operates in apostolic ministry with a strong emphasis on the prophetic.

To start your journey please contact us via the application form on our contact page.

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