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Our Testimonials

“I found the Discovery Hope Workshop brought me more hope in itself because it is so solution focussed, very process orientated, and empowering for me as a business leader in these very uncertain times.”
Jill McLachlan
Managing Partner, Future Perfect, Business Education, Training and Development Industry
“This is a very authentic and practical workshop with extremely helpful tools to take away that you can immediately use. The stories have a real wow factor and are so memorable. This helps you switch out of the rabbit in the headlights’ anxiety that can come in a crisis.”
Janice Petersen
Consultant and Executive Coach, Azure Coaching, Business Consultancy Industry
“Helped me to understand more about how I respond to a crisis and my strengths and weaknesses in this. Helped me develop my toolbox for dealing with crises both personally and in business.”
Julian Abrams
Founder, Form Factor Product design, Design and Manufacturing Industry
“Fantastic training that gives really unique and practical insight into how to lead well in times of crisis and equips you to try and prevent them happening in the first place!”
Joanna Hobson
Project Manager, Essence
“I thought Ross was a great communicator not only through his speaking but also through the visualisation of his materials that he used – it really helped me to connect to understand better the content.”
Raj Theper
Director, Logos Growth Solutions Ltd, Business Consultancy Industry
“This was an incredibly well curated workshop, with helpful places for discussion, and with loads of good tips / takeaways for both personal and professional life balance. Thanks!”
Charity CEO
“Outstanding and informative workshop looking at how to prevent and forward think in a crisis situation – very empowering and has given me many tools to take away to use and develop in the future running and planning for our organisation. Thank you so much.”
Tracy Sickel
Director, ID
“A really good course that helps you face things that may be you wouldn’t want to but really should. Very helpful.”
Sally Treloar
Development Manager, ID
“A very insightful workshop with practical application for our business.”
Rosnah Hassell
Strategy and Operations Director, Hassell Inclusion, Digital Industry
“I have helped create business continuity plans for years. The “Aha!” moment today was how important it is to understand the human dynamic in play and how to ensure your team can function in a crisis. This is a MUST DO workshop for any serious leadership team”
Chris Harding
Leadership Development, Strategy and team Development, Resonate, Business Development Industry
“The Workshop was extremely informative and useful. It encouraged reflective thinking about organisations and the threats within them. I wish I had had this training before some of the crises I have had to deal with!”
Jan Abrams
Headteacher, Education
“An excellent workshop to help your organisation to maximise its strengths in a crisis and manage around your limitations.”
Major Rik Pears
International Emergency Services, The Salvation Army
“This was such a relevant and important workshop. All organisations should be thinking about preventing crises and this gave us great tools for practically doing that.”
Alice Williams
Charity CEO
“Really helpful for managing the emotional impact of a crisis – both on yourself and your team.”
CEO, Product Development Company, Design and Manufacturing Industry
"I have attended many workshops over the years. This was by far the best I have been to. It was informative and helpful with takeaways that were useful for both my business and personal life. Thank You"
Member of Cardamom Growth Academy
“I thoroughly recommend Ross and his work speaking about his experience as founder of Beachy Head Chaplaincy - a cliff-edge negotiation team for the world’s most notorious suicide spot. Ross’ seminar on Leading with Hope in Times of Crisis is very thought provoking. His process helps you to bring to the surface emotions which need to be expressed and dealt with when we face challenging times in our lives. Keep going Ross you’re doing important work for leaders.”
Andrew Jenkins
Managing Director and Founder, PDX Consulting, Business Consultancy Industry
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