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Providing Effective Crisis Leadership Workshop

Almost 50% of organisations have no crisis management plan according to the Institute of Crisis Management. A significant number who do, still feel unprepared. Many senior leadership teams shy away from effective crisis proofing because, let’s face it, it feels unpleasant to think about all these potential disasters and what they could do to our organisations. Denial is our greatest enemy when it comes to being crisis prepared.

Our Smart Thinking for Times of Crisis workshop begins with looking at our need to personally lead ourselves at the beginning of a crisis. We look at how anxiety prevents us from making smart decisions and therefore what we need to do to deescalate anxiety and reengage our executive thinking.

Secondly, we look at how we can intervene to help our team to likewise deescalate anxiety and reengage smart thinking. Utilising tried and tested crisis negotiation techniques, we provide you with simple but effective tools for leading your team when the pressure is on and negative emotions are ramped up.

Finally, we then apply these tools to overcome our own negative emotions and our desire to avoid looking at crisis scenarios. We face the potential for crises head-on and look at how we can begin to crisis-proof our organisations.


You will learn:

  • Techniques to manage the anxiety produced by a crisis to be able to make smart decisions.
  • How to lead your team for greatest effectiveness utilising proven crisis negotiation techniques.
  • The biggest threat to your organisation being crisis prepared and how to confront it.
  • How to crises prepare your organisation, and in doing so build a stronger and better organisation.




“An excellent workshop to help your organisation to maximise its strengths in a crisis and manage around your limitations.”

Maj Rik Pears, International Emergency Services, Salvation Army

“This was an incredibly well curated workshop, with helpful places for discussion, and with loads of good tips / takeaways for both personal and professional life”

“fantastic training that gives really unique and practical insight into how to lead well in times of crisis and equips you to try and prevent them happening in the first place!”


Workshop Facilitator

Ross Hardy

Leadership Consultant and Founder of Discovery Hope

Ross spent 10 years as a cliff edge crisis negotiator.
In 2003 he founded Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team, which became the UK’s busiest Search and Rescue Team, rescuing 1000’s of people.
He has a depth of experience leading people in high-pressure environments, and in crisis preparing an organisation which encountered high-risk crises on an almost daily basis.
Having spent 18 years in leadership roles, Ross is passionate about leadership and its potential for positively impacting our world. He is excited to help influence leaders, to influence their world, and build great influential and longlasting organisations.
In 2019 he founded Discovery Hope, to continue his pursuit of this aim.


  • 3-hour workshop
  • Full-day workshop
  • Keynote Talk


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